Risk Less with Better Services


More Secure Engineering Services To Get Your Investment Work For You

Do you know if your investment becomes shelfware and you have the false sense of your infrastructure and security status?

Do you know the security vendors always try to make you believe that their solution is the single silver bullet to solve all your problem?

At More Secure Computing, we can help to

  • put your infrastructure and security hardware and software to work together since there is NO single silver bullet to solve all your security issues.
  • make sure the systems are working as they supposed to be, such as high availability is working and tested, performance tuned to meet the business requirement, security events are continuously analyzed and tested etc etc

More Secure Managed Services Flexible Enough To Fit Your Needs

  • Full Managed Services
  • Co-Managed Services

More Secure Help You Stay Focused On Managing Risks Instead Of Systems

At More Secure, we understand security professionals should focus on managing the risks, not managing the systems. Therefore we help our customers to put the security teams focus back to the security issues, not the system issues.

We can help you achieve that via

  • system automation
  • process engineering
  • custom development
  • co-managed/full-managed services