Risk Less with Better Services

Cloud Strategy Alignment and Migration

More Secure Cloud Migration Services to Improve Your Competence

Move your applications to the Cloud can be very challenging, More Secure helps you to go through the hurdles with our proven services

  • Discovery and Application Mapping
    • More Secure use semi-automated approach to understand your current environment, data flow and application dependencies.
  • Validation of Cloud-Ready Applications
    • More Secure provides check list and best practice to verify if the application can be moved to the Cloud and possibly identify the best suitable cloud service providers.
  • Virtualize or Containerize Applications
    • More Secure can carry on the heavy tasks to virtualize or containerize your application stacks
  • Deploy Applications to the Cloud
    • It’s critical to make the plan and have perfect executions while moving your applications to the cloud, More Secure has years of proven experience to maximize the up time or even achieve zero downtime for your business.
  • Automate the Cloud operation
    • DevOps or SecOps, More Secure helps to create the technology stack and process to automate your Cloud operation.
  • Knowledge and Documentation Transfer
    • More Secure can help to empower your people so your organization can get the most benefit of the cloud.